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We respectfully caution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers that this website contains images of people who have passed away.


Sky Country

An ancient story of creation that describes two Ancestral Beings who came down from the Milky Way to create the Trouwerner (Tasmanian) landscape.

Using some traditional language, this extraordinary children’s picture book, filled with stunning illustrations, retells a captivating Ancestral memory dating back to the Ice Age – a period of time when Trouwerner was joined to the Australian mainland. Join Aunty Patsy Cameron as she generously shares the creation story of Trouwerner Country and its people.

Aunty Patsy Cameron

Aunty Patsy Cameron is a highly regarded Elder, author, researcher and cultural historian, who recognises the need for an Aboriginal voice and perspective in the interpretation and communication of Tasmanian Aboriginal history, heritage and culture. She is herself a cultural...

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Lisa Kennedy

Lisa is a descendant of the coastal Pairebeenne/Trawlwoolway clan in North East Tasmania. She has always carried a deep love of Sea and Country and has been blessed to work alongside Aunty Patsy on Sea Country. Lisa finds her most...

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