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We respectfully caution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers that this website contains images of people who have passed away.


‘I think where Magabala excels, like no other publishing house, is how we balance all our objectives – social, cultural and commercial. We work at so many levels and have cultural & political responsibilities to our mob to get things right; whether that’s providing a platform for strong poetic and literary discourse, or how we handle significant, collectively-owned cultural stories.’ - Rachel Bin Salleh, Publisher

While our sales are strong we rely on the generous support of our donors and philanthropic partners to achieve the full breadth of our publishing outcomes. Every donation to Magabala is tax deductible and is an investment in Indigenous creative, cultural and economic futures.

Where does the money go?

We have three specific project funds: Cultural Fund, Creative Development Fund and Small Seeds, as well as a General Fund which we use for a range of purposes.
Bringing timeless stories to new audiences. Our Cultural Fund ensures cultural classics are kept in print and new culturally and historically important works are published.

In 2014, Magabala Books launched the Cultural Fund to ensure stories with enduring social, cultural and educational value continue to be read by new generations of Australians. While all our books reflect the cultural diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our Cultural Fund enables important titles, which may have subtle commercial appeal, to be kept in print.  It also ensures new works of significance are commissioned, recognising that these titles may be more resource intensive.

To date, the Cultural Fund has helped us produce new editions of classics including Yorro Yorro and Two Sisters, publish new of works of significance such as Ninu: Grandmother’s Law, and support communities to ensure Elder’s stories are recorded.

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Investing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professional and creative futures.

Magabala Books is committed to supporting the career development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors, illustrators and storytellers. In 2013, we launched Magabala Scholarships to support creators to develop skills, achieve professional goals and realise opportunities. Scholarships are self-customised to meet individual development needs. Scholarships are awarded annually through a competitive application process and are 100% funded by donations.

The Creative Development Fund is also used to support development opportunities more broadly, including running workshops and supporting creators to initiate new work. The Board awards creative development and scholarship funding to existing Magabala creators on a discretionary basis.

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Help us give the gift of books!

Our Small Seeds program supports early childhood literacy and ensures children across Australia have access to culturally relevant books they love.

The program, funded entirely by philanthropic support, gifts books to organisations supporting children and families who may otherwise have limited access to books.

Requests come from playgroups, early childhood centres, parenting programs, out of home care facilities, women’s refuges, prison family support programs and many others.

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