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We respectfully caution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers that this website contains images of people who have passed away.


Permissions and Copyright

Permission is required to reproduce any material generated by authors and illustrators published by Magabala Books.

Australian copyright law protects the moral and economic interests of artists resulting from their creative pursuits. Copyright law protects creative work from being used or copied without the agreement of the owner or the Publisher of the Work.

As part of our commitment to supporting Indigenous creators, an administration fee is charged for reproduction of material from Magabala titles. This material may include the reproduction of illustrations and text in printed books, audio visual recordings and electronic devices. A percentage of this fee will be paid to the copyright owner and the publisher as per contract arrangements.

Since many requests require research, as a general rule permission requests take up to four weeks to process. Please ensure you submit your request as early as possible.

There will be a fee for reproducing materials – in these cases permission will not be granted until the full fee has been received. Each permission request is assessed individually.

Magabala Books will request complimentary copies of the work in the format that it is to be published in; the publisher retains a copy for archival purposes and the other copies are sent to the creator(s).

Please complete the Permissions Request form if you are seeking permission to reproduce any material from books published by Magabala Books.

Send the completed form to with the subject line “Permission Request”.

Download Permission Request Form

A note of warning – do not assume that your request will be granted.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of permission requests are being submitted at the last minute, and in some cases, those making the request have assumed their request will be approved and so have already developed print ready files for publication. In a number of cases, applicants have assumed that because they want to use the copyright material for ‘a good purpose’ that their request will be granted.

If permission is declined, it may be for a variety of reasons, including cultural considerations, such as the representation of the material in a culturally inappropriate context (as defined by the Publishing House, the Publisher and the Creators or their Family).   

If your request is declined, please be respectful of the decision.

More information about copyright and protocols regarding the use of Indigenous Intellectual Property: