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We respectfully caution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers that this website contains images of people who have passed away.


My Dad’s Gone Away

Tarah’s dad has gone away, and she doesn’t know where. She imagines he is doing all the things he loves, but when she asks her mum, everything changes. This heartfelt, honest and sensitively told story explores the challenges a child faces when a parent is incarcerated. My Dad’s Gone Away sheds light on an unspoken issue and gently encourages children and families to talk about how they feel and what their future may look like. This age-appropriate story will help to encourage safe conversations around a difficult topic and promote empathy in children with different life experiences. My Dad’s Gone Away is written through a child’s perspective and is illustrated with care and complemented by soft warm tones. Paul Seden’s evocative and timeless imagery underpin a powerful story and captures the heartache of dealing with missing a parent. 


Praise for My Dad’s Gone Away

"A strong, direct and important story, beautifully told and illustrated."
Paul Kelly

Andrew Krakouer

Andrew Krakouer is a proud Minang (Nyoongar) and Inggarda (Yamatji) man. Mustering resolve and resilience, he is now committed to helping others overcome adversity. He is a regular speaker in prisons and guest speaker to clubs, businesses and corporate events...

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Jacqueline Dinan

Jacqueline Dinan, a former accredited foster carer, gave respite to many children while a parent of theirs was incarcerated. Likewise, an Indigenous teenager from a remote Northern Territory community lived with her family to complete secondary...

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Paul Seden

Paul Seden is descended from the Wuthathi and Muralag people of North Queensland. He grew up in Darwin and he loves to draw and tell stories.

Paul works as a Fisheries Officer and he is inspired by the adventures...

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