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Miles of Post and Wire


Florence Corrigan looked after her siblings in camps in the Pilbara outback while her parents eked out a living; prospecting, fencing and dogging. Opportunities were scarce but this didn’t stop Flo. As a teenager, with little more than a pound in her pocket, she left her family and was told by her abusive father never to return. Flo Corrigan still carries the scars from her father’s beatings, but not his legacy. She battled the tough times and, in the face of shocking family revelations, showed her trademark courage. Flo was well into her retirement before she bought her first house and learned to read and write.

Florence Corrigan

Flo Corrigan (deceased) is the author of Miles of Post and Wire. This book is no longer in print.

Flo found out that she was of Aboriginal descent in her thirties when she had her first child and realised her...

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