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Based on the sometimes controversial theory of how Australian Rules Football developed from ‘marngrook’, a ball game played by Aboriginal people in north west Victoria more than 150 years ago. The story takes place at the foot of Duwul, the highest mountain in the spectacular Grampians region of north west Victoria and the traditional country of the Djab-Wurrung and Jardwadjali clans. When Wawi notices that the children only have old toys to play with, he goes for a walk to see what he can find.

Titta Secombe

Titta Secombe is descended from the Djab-Wurrung and Jardwadjali clans of the Grampians region of north west Victoria. She has worked for many years in education and sports programmes to develop the talents of young Indigenous Australian Rules Football players....

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Grace Fielding
Grace Fielding was raised at the Wandering Mission south east of Perth, Western Australia. She lived in Broome for many years where she is well known for her unique style of art and fabric printing, combining traditional dot art with...

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