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Magabala Creative Grant announced

Thu, Dec 07, 2023

Congratulations to Magabala Creative Grant recipient, Wiradjuri creator Sharleigh Crittenden.

This year Magabala received an unprecedented number of outstanding applications to the AIC Creative Grants and awarded an additional Magabala Creative Grant.

Sharleigh is a Wirudjuri woman living on Wangal country and a recent winner of the inaugural First Nations Storytelling Prize 2023, The Best Australian Yarn Short Story Competition and 2022 Theory Race and Colonialism Essay Prize. She is currently working on her first full-length manuscript. The Children Nobody Wanted’ is a first-person retrospective narrative that experiments with psychological realism. It combines an immersive and compelling voice and prose style with the formal experientialism of fragmentary narration.

Sharleigh will be supported to continue development of her manuscript ‘The Children Nobody Wanted’.  

Magabala Creative Grants are made possible thanks to the generous support of our philanthropic program. For more information or to donate, see Support Us.