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Dave and Scott's Hit 'n' Run tour

Wed, Jan 06, 2016

Dave and Scott on ABC3

In early December 2015, Magabala authors Dave Hartley and Scott Prince were invited to appear on Studio 10 in Sydney and ABC3 TV in Melbourne to talk about their latest children's title, Deadly D & Justice Jones - The Search (released in November 2015).

Following their return from what he described as their 'Hit 'n' Run tour', Dave gave us a rundown of the deadly duo's experience of starring on national TV:

The Deadly D Hit 'n' Run tour was a mad dash between three states and two capital cities! Magabala had hired big gun publicist Bettina Richter to promote our third book, Deadly and Justice Jones - The Search. Bettina had booked us to appear on Studio 10 (hosted by TV and publishing legend, Ita Buttrose) and ABC3 Kids TV

On the afternoon of Monday November 30th, I escaped from my job as a deputy principal and Scott retired from the gym early to catch a plane from the Gold Coast to Sydney. There would be no late night shenanigans, as there were important media appearances to be made in the morning. After a great feed in Sydney’s Chinatown, we retired to our hotel.

After a 5:30am alarm and a quick coffee it was full steam ahead to Channel Ten Studios in Pyrmont where the makeup ladies were waiting with enough spakfilla and trows to fill a hardware store. We said our hellos to Ita and Sarah Harris and bang! We were on the air. Three minutes of logie-winning TV gold was all it took for us to promote the importance of reading and our latest Magabala release. Then it was straight back into a cab and off to the airport.

Dave and Scott on ABC3Upon checking in at the airport, we realised that the funny looks we were getting weren’t a result of being deadly big-name celebrity authors, it was the ton of make up that was left on our faces. The public toilets at Sydney Airport were closed for roughly thirty minutes as the janitors had to unclog our beige foundation and eyeliner from the sink holes. As you can imagine, there was many a commuter less than impressed. We then boarded the plane bound for Melbourne and our appearance on ABC3.

The crew at the Melbourne ABC3 studios were amazing. Instead of a formal sit-down interview, we participated in a pre-record that included sporting challenges, quizzes and a lot of laughter. Our spot airs on January 8th at about 4:30pm, so if you are up for a laugh, please tune in.

Thanks to Lisa and Anna at Magabala and Bettina Richter at Miss Bettina Media for setting up a fantastic Hit 'n' Run tour! We hope the book does well, but most importantly, thank you for putting Indigenous authors in the spotlight.