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A couch chat with Bruce Pascoe

Mon, Dec 03, 2012

The author of Fog A Dox talks to Magabala Books to answer some tough questions.

How would you describe your latest book, Fog A Dox?

Fog looks compassionately at lonely Aboriginal bush workers and their relationship with the land. It also looks without sentiment at the predicament of a young girl who knows she's dying of cancer.


Did you always plan on writing this book?

Always? When I was two I just liked chewing books. I began thinking of Fog after I found some fox cubs and a few months later a den of orphaned dingoes. I wanted to write books after I was about twelve.


What motivated you to become an author?

My family are great storytellers and later learning shambles of our history insisted that I tell that story.


If you could work with any author who would it be?

I'm happy working with my two dogs Yambulla and Wangrabell.


What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

Don't bother unless you have a story that won’t let you sleep.


What's the best thing about being an author?

You can go anywhere your head takes you and you might have some influence on how the world and its people are cared for.